Barolo DOCG “Boschetti” Sernìe

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The Vineyard

Location: Barolo (Cuneo-Piedmont). The vineyards are the most elected, on top of the Boschetti hill overlooking the village of Barolo.

Position: 320 m.above the sea level, exposure facing south/south-west.

Soil: grey/white marl, rich in carbonates and fine sand of marine origin. Traditionally it produces wines recognizable by the finesse, the intensity

of the fragrance and softness of the tannins

The Vine

Grape variety: Nebbiolo 100%, with vines over 10 years old. Manual harvesting with selection of the bunches.

Pruning: Guyot.

Density: 4,400 vines per hectare.

The Wine

Vinification: soft destemming and crushing, maceration on skins for almost 15 days and temperature controlled fermentation, it matures in fine grain oak barrels and refines in the bottle. 38 months after harvesting it is ready to be released.

Color : ruby red with garnet hints .

Bouquet: persistent and penetrating with scents of rose and liquorice and spices

Flavor: elegant, full-bodied and austere with recurring olfactory sensations. Mineral spicy aftertaste.


Serve at a temperature of 18°C pouring into large glasses (balloon). After being for a long time in a bottle it needs oxygen and it is better to swirl

sometimes the wine in the glass while drinking. You will enjoy the fascinating evolution of perfumes and flavours.

Food pairing

Game, roast and braised meats, dishes with truffle, mature hard cheeses.