About Us

Who Is Paolo?

Paolo, born in Florence in 1971 didn't discover his passion for wine right away. At first he opened a pub in his hometown, near Ponte Vecchio and that project lasted for seven good years. But one day something clicked...

He embarked on a journey to let other people know the quality of, not only the already renowned names in the wine industry, but of the lesser known wine makers that can't keep up in volumes but present a quality at times higher.

After 11 years of successful activity by selling to restaurants he decided to open up to privates as well, here on ribevi.com.
To ensure his products have the best quality Paolo personally visited every vineyard and chose each of the bottles you see on our catalog.

What is Ribevi Wines Int.

Ribevi Wines promotes an idea, to bring Italian quality to the United States by showcasing smaller realities as well as the great products they have to offer.

We're always striving to bring you the best wine Italy has to offer and we're always extending our catalog by meeting with new vineyards regularly.

Our mission

Ribevi.com's aim is to bring quality wine to everyone's home, wether it's for a simple dinner or a more classy happening.

We only sell Italian wine, often unique, organic and biodynamic.