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DENOMINATION: I.g.t. Emilia Lambrusco frizzante.

VINEYARD LOCATION: Vineyards of the Casatico Estate.

THE VINEYARD: Exposed to the west, the vineyard is situated at an altitude between 220 and 240 above SL. Density is 4000 plants per hectare. The soil is clayey and medium pebbly.

HARVESTING: The grapes are hand-picked in small boxes, between the last week of September and the rst week of October.

PRODUCTION: 9/10 MT of grapes per hectare (about 3.6/4.0 MT/acre).

GRAPE VARIETAL: 100% Lambrusco Maestri.


WINEMAKING: The grapes undergo crush stemming and the fermenters are set on the tanks under liquid nitrogen sublimation. The grapes macerate in pre-fermentation at a temperature of 2°C for two days. The temperature is allowed to rise up to 25°C and fermentation begins. During the following 4/5 days the must is pumped over the cap several times a day, then it undergoes rst racking. The wine completes fermentation without the skins.

AGEING: 4/5 months in stainless steel tanks then one month in the bottle.

FOOD PAIRING: This wine is full-bodied and rather soft with great esh; it matches well with a whole range of dishes from the rst course regional specialities of Emilia to the cold meats and even meat on a spit.

TASTING NOTES: Colour: deep impenetrable ruby red.

Aroma: fruit y, lively with hints of wild berries.

Flavour: dry, eshy, moderate tannins and slightly acidic.

PRODUCTION: Between a minimum of 25000 bottles

and a maximum of 35000 depending

on the vintage.