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9 interesting facts about wine...

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9 interesting facts about wine...



Wine can be intriguing and intimidating at the same time.

The mystery or the aura of this drink has become subject of debate for centuries. Did you know that India, was among the first civilizations on the planet, with proof of wine production and consumption thousands of years back? While sometimes it's a good story with glass of vino, which keeps the conversation going in a dinner table, drinking one glass to many might also be a deal breaker. These are some of the interesting facts about wine which can help you to make sure your night goes well...


9) One Glass of Wine a day is very good for your heart
We all have read it somewhere or heard from someone that drinking a glass of wine per day is actually healthy. Well, studies by doctors all around the world indicates that red wine is good for your heart. The antioxidant properties of red wine help reduce the probability of a heart attack. But remember to always drink in moderation, 1 glass for women and about two glasses for men.


8) Not every wine improves with age 
Perhaps you have heard of the phrase,"ages like a bottle of wine", well, here's a shocker. Just around 99% of wines produced aren't age worthy. Which leaves us with only 1% of wine which could be aged for more than 30-40 years, the rest of them all must be consumed in due time. However, this does not mean that the wine expires should you not drink it immediately, if properly stored; it can be good for a few years. Nonetheless, it means you won't be benefiting much by storing it for years.


7) You can guess a wine's origin by its color.
There are ways to know the geographical origin of a wine. A glass of wine observed against a white background when tilted 45 degrees can provide you with a clear insight into its origin place. Nevertheless, this would need "a bit" of studying and practice. A burgundy pinot noir will have a typical light intensity, pale ruby color whereas a Barolo from Italy will possess high intensity, deep garnet color. Much like with white wines, a cool climate sauvignon blanc or chardonnay (un-aged) will exhibit pale lemon green color compared to a warm climate sauvignon blanc which will probably be medium lemon in color.


6) Wine can boost your sex drive 
Haven't you heard of this one! According to a study by an Italian team published in 2009, there's a connection between drinking wine and enhanced sexual desire of women. Alcohol in moderate quantity increases libido since ethanol stimulates a primitive portion of our brain called the hypothalamus, which is located above the brain stem. The place in the brain that regulates basic human functions such as body temperature, hunger, hormone levels and libido.

5) You can open a
bottle of wine with your shoe 
In case you don't have corkscrew opener and you really want that bottle of wine, then this is what you have to do. Grab a shoe. Remove the metallic wrap that covers the cork and place the bottle into your footwear, the side should be snug against the back (do not use a shoe with any sort of heel or one with no cushioning). Place the bottom of the shoe to a brick wall or tree to form a 90-degree angle while holding the bottle in place, begin banging softly. Following a couple of knocks, the cork should have risen up enough for you to twist it out with your palms.

4) Not all wines with screw caps are cheap ones 
Contrary to popular belief, twist caps do not indicate the value of a bottle. Nearly all New Zealand wineries, which can be regarded as some of the very best manufacturers of sauvignon blanc in the world, use screw caps. With the exclusion of some standard wines, which need natural cork, virtually all wines may have screw caps. The technologies for screw tops on wine bottles is also known as "Stelvin", the plastic seal at the cap prevents oxidation.


3) White wines may also be made from red grape variety
Maintaining the juice in contact with the grape skins of a black grape variety helps producing red wine. Consequently, if there's absolutely no contact the juice or the wine made from it at the end will probably be white wine only. The best case of this is champagne that's manufactured from three grape varieties: pinot noir and pinot meunier both black grapes and chardonnay, a white grape.


2) The red wine headache is due to the Histamines 
Just as we adore the healthy part of drinking wine, most of the complaints for headache the day after a glass or even more. Particularly true in the case of red wines. It is not merely the sulfur in wine, but and that's to be blamed. The wines produced in improper condition, cheap, more adulteration for example residual sugar, sulfur, fining agents or higher alcohol content etc. can lead to headaches. Foods which are fermented or aged have greater levels of histamines like tofu, tempeh, champagne, red wine, ketchup and aged meats. Taking anti-histamine before drinking might help address the issue.


1) Five wine lingos for you through a wine tasting 
If when you walk into a wine tasting you feel completely out of place, these five wine conditions can allow you to endure the session better. Know that the 4S's of tasting-  See, Swirl, Smell and Sip. And should the tasting be made up of way more than the range of glasses which you are able to manage, add a second 'S' to this, 'Spit'. Pick up words like 'Acidity' and 'Tannin'. Discuss with the 'Nose' and also the 'Palate'. End it using the 'Finish' et voila you've succesfully completed your wine journey. Apart from these it's a good idea to find out a little about the wine producer, the grape varieties as well as the region the wine comes from.

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