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  Red Wine View all   Wine can be intriguing and intimidating at the same time. The mystery or the aura of this drink has become subject of debate for centuries. Did you know that India, was among the first civilizations on the planet, with proof of wine production and consumption thousands of years back? While sometimes it's a good story with glass of vino, which keeps the conversation going in a dinner table, drinking one glass to many might also be a deal breaker. These are some of the interesting facts about wine which can help you to make sure your night goes well...   9) One Glass...

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Wine Spectator has given it an impressive number of awards, and it is probably worth to mention a few of them. In 2006 it's been rated as the best wine in the world, and first place in the Top 100 went to some 2001 bottle (the label: Tenuta Nuova, Casanova di Neri). In 2011 it was another label's  turn, a 2006 classic, which rated #4 in the world and #1 one of the Italian wines. And according to Wine Spectator, the only Italian wine included in the record of the 12 most memorable wines of the 20th century is a 1955 Riserva Biondi Santi. We are speaking of  Brunello di Montalcino after...

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